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Develop and refine key interpersonal and leadership skills online with the same experts who teach at Notre Dame’s top-ranked Mendoza College of Business! Notre Dame offers five executive certificate programs Negotiation, Leadership and Management, Business Administration, Transformational Nonprofit Leadership and Advanced Intercultural Management that can teach you how to be a more effective business professional, communicator and leader, no matter what your industry.

Federal, state, and local government employees now have access, via NTIS, to University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business executive education certificate programs. All federal government employees are eligible to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off master certificate programs.

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Available Certificate Programs

Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management

Whether you are leading or managing a team, project or organization, your success depends on your leadership skills. This program is made up of three eight-week certificate courses that feature thorough self-assessments culminating with the creation of a customized map based on your personal leadership style. These courses equip you with effective ways to distinguish leadership from management and the tools to assume the right role at the right time.

Adobe PDF File Leadership and Management Course Catalog


Executive Certificate in Negotiation

In today's highly interactive, multicultural world. the art of negotiation, the ability to interact with and influence others has become more important and more complex than ever. This program is made up of three eight-week certificate courses that are uniquely designed to improve your interpersonal skills and professional interaction. These courses provide the knowledge to implement negotiating strategies for increased personal and professional success.

Adobe PDF File Negotiation Course Catalog 


Executive Certificate in Business Administration

As you’ve progressed through your career, you’ve undoubtedly developed a high level of expertise in a specific functional area. But if you aspire to take your performance to the next level, you need to understand how your decisions impact other departments and the organization as a whole. Refresh your knowledge or familiarize yourself with core business dimensions as you learn how to translate theory into successful strategies. This program is made up of three eight-week certificate courses that incorporate topics covered in many traditional MBA programs, increasing your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques.

Adobe PDF FileBusiness Administration Course Catalog


Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

The nonprofit sector has seen steady growth for more than a decade, further emphasizing the importance of effective leadership in this already challenging environment. In this reality of “doing more with less,” a nonprofit leader must not only possess a servant heart, but also a resilient business mind. Made up of three-eight week courses, this professional development program equips individuals and organizations with the essential management, leadership and strategic skills necessary to become effective nonprofit leaders.

Adobe PDF File Transformational Nonprofit Leadership Course Catalog


Advanced Specialized Certificate in Advanced Intercultural Management

Today's workplace is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. More organizations than ever have a culturally diverse workforce. Issues once perceived as being solved through simple understanding and fair-mindedness has become much more complex to identify and manage. Multiple generations, ethnicities and ethical beliefs are just a few employee dynamics that have rapidly changed in the workplace. And now is a critical time for professionals at all levels to receive something more extensive than cultural sensitivity training. Whether your job description includes supervising others or not, you are a manager of people and their unique characteristics. What motivates one worker may completely hinder another. Raise your awareness and create a greater impact by successfully completing this single eight week course.

Adobe PDF File Advanced Intercultural Management Course Catalog


Adobe PDF File Complete Catalog of University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business Executive Certificate Programs Online


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Monthly classes fill quickly. When you are ready, contact registration and identify yourself as a government employee entitled to the discount in the agreement with NTIS.

For more information, write to etrain@ntis.gov.


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