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NTIS Joint Venture Program

The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) has extended its deadline for accepting proposals from organizations interested in entering into new Joint Venture Partnerships (JVP) with the agency. As described in the Federal Register notice (Opportunity Announcement), the JV partners in collaboration with NTIS will assist Federal agencies in developing and implementing innovative ways to collect, connect, access, analyze, or use Federal data and data services.

Proposals are now due August 9, 2016. Proposers who submitted proposals by the earlier August 1, 2016 deadline but who want to use the additional preparation time may withdraw the proposal they submitted and submit a complete, revised proposal by the August 9, 2016 deadline.

NTIS has also posted a new Joint Venture Partnership (JVP) Agreement sample. The sample is an early version of a template, which is still undergoing review and is likely to be revised. NTIS will use the final version of the template as the standard agreement between NTIS and the new joint venture partners whose proposals are selected under the June 15, 2016 Opportunity Announcement, as amended, and June 20, 2016 news release. NTIS has also posted a comprehensive set of additional Questions and Answers (Qs and As) about the Opportunity Announcement. These and any future updates may be found at the NTIS Joint Venture Page or via ntis.gov.

NTIS provides innovative data services to Federal agencies, through joint venture partnerships with the private sector, to advance Federal data priorities, promote economic growth, and enable operational excellence. The new joint ventures will be focused on improving access, analysis, and use of Federal data and data services, either alone or in combination with non-Federal data.

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