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Federal Banking and Financial Institutions Information Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
Aggregation Data

Media Type: Data file on CD-ROM
Price: $125 (plus shipping and handling fee)
(Price outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico is $250, plus shipping and handling fee)

The Pre-1990 HMDA Aggregation Data were prepared annually during this period by the FFIEC on behalf of institutions reporting HMDA data.  The Aggregation Data consists of home purchase and home improvement loans that a depository institution originated or purchased during each calendar year.  The collected HMDA data were individually aggregated up to the tract level by the reporting depository institution and submitted accordingly to the FFIEC.  Individual records are the summary of loan activity for the specified respondent for the indicated census tract except when the census tract numbers were either 888888 or 999999.  The 888888 tract records are the sum of all loan activity by the reporter outside of the MSA being reported, but not appearing in any other MSA report.  The 999999 tract records are the consolidated county summary data for loans made in untracted counties or counties with 1980 total population less than 30,000.

The 1988 and 1989 Aggregation Data files include aggregated data from non-depository institutions, specifically mortgage banking subsidiaries of bank holding companies.  Most often, university graduates and other researchers are interested in the pre-1990 HMDA Aggregation data.  They generally complete market trend analysis and monitor the lending patters of HMDA reporters.  This pre-1990 data helped to show whether depository institutions were serving the housing credit needs of the neighborhoods and communities in which they were located and to help public officials distribute public sector investments in a way that would attract private investments in neighborhoods where they were needed.


Product Price* U.S., Canada, Mexico

HMDA Aggregation Data 1989 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2003-500116

HMDA Aggregation Data 1988 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500083

HMDA Aggregation Data 1987 (CD-ROM)   $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500084

HMDA Aggregation Data 1986 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500085

HMDA Aggregation Data 1985 (CD-ROM)   $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500086

HMDA Aggregation Data 1984 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500087

HMDA Aggregation Data 1983 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500088

HMDA Aggregation Data 1982 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500089

HMDA Aggregation Data 1981 (CD-ROM)     $125
NTIS Order No. PB2004-500090

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