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A New Strategic Direction for NTIS

Following a rigorous review of the agency's operations, Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker set a new focus for NTIS in June 2015 to expand access to the Department’s and the broader federal government's data resources, with an emphasis on data concerning the nation's economy, population, and environment. The Department has made data a strategic priority. It has committed to making it easier for businesses, government, taxpayers, and communities to access, analyze, and use data, strengthen economic growth, and create new jobs.

NTIS will help implement that commitment by supporting the Department's and Federal data priorities, including open access and open data, using its existing legal authorities and capabilities to:

  • deliver government data services through agile partnerships with the private sector to rapidly execute innovative projects;
  • enable the private sector to develop new and improved data products and services; and
  • support the entire delivery pipeline for trusted data networks with stringent privacy and security, including discovery, usability, analytics, interoperability, and standards.

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